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7 benefits of online Psychology

We live in a society where it is increasingly difficult for us to find time to devote to ourselves. Timetables for going to the gym, playing football with colleagues, studies, etc., are often causing states of anxiety and stress due to poor time management or overload of activities. It is because of these types of situations that online psychology becomes more prominent in our lives. Moreover, it allows to interact with a therapist who speaks your own language.

The arrival of social networks, smartphones, tablets or apps are bringing new ways of communicating and providing us with different tools to help us in our personal and professional development.

Thanks to new technologies, people can go to an online psychologist obtaining the same conditions of confidentiality in addition to other benefits such as the comfort of being at home, being able to have tour therapy in English (if you do not live in your own country, for example) or not having to travel to the center to carry out the session. Do you know the benefits of carrying out a psychological therapy online? Below we discuss the benefits of going to online therapy.

Benefits of online Psychology

1. Convenience

Being able to do the sessions from your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or computer gives you a lot of freedom to decide where you feel more comofortable: whether from home, the office or a friend’s house. Not having to travel to the Psychology Center is not only «saving» time, but many times «gaining» time for yourself and your personal projects.

2. Anonymity

Many people don’t go to clinics because they think they can be seen by other people who are close to them or influential and can be labeled as «having problems». Although less and less, there are still many people who believe that going to a psychologist is because you have problems, and you don’t… they are wrong. Being able to conduct therapy online from home makes it easier for clients to work with a psychologist in their personal and professional development.

3. Flexibility

Many times it is very difficult to fit the psychologist’s sessions into our schedules because of the amount of activities we do outside of our working hours. The online psychology service allows us to adapt the client’s appointments to the rhythm of life he or she is leading.

4. More economical

Logically, the cost of an online psychology session is cheaper than a face-to-face one, both for the psychologist and for the client, due to two fundamental aspects: there is no need to pay for an office to carry out the consultation, nor does the client have to assume costs derived from travel. It is important to emphasize that although the saving of money and time significant, it does not mean that the quality of the service is worse, it is still as good as a face-to-face one.

5. Multiple communication options

Many times people are reluctant to go to a psychologist in person because they are embarrassed of what they have to tell, face to face, about personal aspects that are difficult to communicate. Online therapy allows the client to know which is the best means of communication to work with their psychologist. The use of e-mails, video calls, audio notes or short text messages are some of the ways to be able to communicate feelings or thoughts that are not always easy to transmit in words.

6. Increase of confidence and intimacy

By offering multiple options to carry out a therapeutic process through the online psychology service, the client will be able to use the medium that is easiest and most intimate for him/her to express his/her feelings and emotions. For example, through an email instead of a phone call. Being able to choose the place where to do the therapy, favors the security of the client and therefore increases the level of trust with the psychologist himself.

7. Monitoring of the therapeutic process

Being able to offer therapy anywhere in the world helps to increase the client’s adherence to working with their lifelong psychologist. Online therapy makes it easier for people who have had to change their place of residence to continue their personal development process with the same psychologist they started with.

By UPAD Psicología y Coaching


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